Thursday 27 March 2008

More sketches from Kilkenny

The ebb and flow of human traffic, Liffey Street, Dublin

drawings from around Kilkenny and London

Friday 14 March 2008

My contribution for the Illustrators Guild "The Body" Sketchbook.
Haven't a clue what it means.

Sketch of a house for a sci-fi comic

friday afternoon doodles

Friday 7 March 2008

An old sketch of NY from a height. Can't remember where it was done from, but it was pre 9/11.

Motorbike couriers across from the Bank of Ireland HQ on Baggot Street.
They always congregate around the newsagents just right of shot though the owner has attempted to move them on with no success. Maybe email will do the job for him.

Smithfield flower and vegetable market early one winter morning. Jeez it was freezing.
Couldn't be bothered trying to get in any of the background detail, in fact I finished shading in most of the people in the muggy comfort of a nearby greasy spoon.

The Four Courts. Dunno how long the average kiss lasts. Luckily these were school kids. They tend to stick at it longer then most, though I'de still say it was 10 secs at most. Just enough to get down a rough sketch.

Sketching around the city. This one is around the back of Busarus looking towards the Financial Services area