Friday 8 February 2008

Here's a simple still life set-up I came across years ago from a book by Arthur Stern called " How to see colour and paint it" for doing still life experiments.(dunno if you can still get the book).
It's a three sided box made of plywood or better again foam core board.
Make it whatever size you wish but preferably a size where you can easily get various coloured papers to clip onto all three sides (including white where you need it).
What you get are great cast colours. Careful observation of for instance an orange or coloured bottle will reveal subtle changes in cast colours as you move around the colour backing and the light. The anglepoise gives you a consistant light source. Just move it around to suit. Use a second one if you want.


Kevo said...

Great Rodge -thanks for that. I thought everyone was basking in a land of glorious sunshine. This could go onto the Scamp blog. Kev

scalder said...

Great simple idea rodge - saw this on - hope yo catch up with you soon. The Scald.