Tuesday 1 April 2008

Here's a useful guide to making a lightweight drawing board to support large sketchbooks when you're out and about sketching.

You'll need a piece of Capa board (or foam core board as it's also known) at just over twice the size of your finished board.
Cut some strips from the long side of the board at half an inch (12,5mm) thick. Score them front and back as shown to make a zigzag shape. Tape them loosely into place.

Measure and make some compartments at the upper edge of the board (this will be useful for storing pencils, erasers, brushes etc when you're sketching). Dollop plenty of PVA/ Unibond/ woodglue on both edges of the half inch strips. Place the top board into position, put some books on top, sprinkle with oregano and seasalt and leave overnight. The following morning, Presto! You have a freshly baked lightweight drawing board.

Next. How to build a medium sized space station from aluminium foil and plumber's tape. Whoops, the Russians have beaten me to it!

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