Thursday 19 June 2008

Treehouse chez Rodge. I'll post some of the construction sketches when I get photoshop working again.


PJ Lynch said...

Hi Roger
Great blog.
The sketches remind me of Paul Hogarth, there's praise for you.

I love the tree house. Are you building it yourself? Is it going to be a studio?
We've just got back from holiday in a campsite in Brittany where they have some great treehouses like yours.
All the best

rodge said...

Thanks PJ. Praise indeed. All his work seems to be out of print these days.
The tree house was built in the true style of tree house building world-wide : never use a three inch nail where a six inch nail will do.
I was fun to do. Took about three months of weekend work and the odd hour I could get here and there and cost surprisingly little; about 1000 euro for materials and a couple of power tools I bought.
A couple of people asked me to post up some details of the thing and some of the drawings, so I've started thanks to your prompt. They're at
Only a couple up so far, but I'll get around to some more over the next few weeks