Monday 8 December 2008


We were staying just off the Grand Via and between match fixtures and post match celebrations, I got little chance to wander off the beaten track, which always supplies the most interesting subject matter for sketchbooks. Despite that, the centre of the city is pretty interesting architecturally and with just a brief few hours on Monday morning, I at least got a few sketches down.
The ones in the bars were quickly jotted down on whatever paper was available and worked up later. There are a couple that I haven't worked up and remain scraps on the back of an envelope with scribbles indicating colours and features. I might get around to doing something with them at some later date.


Geoff said...

Lovely Rodge, it would put you right back there... Great touch, even without a football!
SeathrĂșn said...

I got your email on The Artist's Way Meet Up Group.
I was wondering do you or any of your friends do freehand sketching/drawing?
We have a project to do next week which requires filming a hand as it draws
a number of items.
Just wondering is this something that you might be interested in?
If so please reply with your details and if you have a sample of your freehand
sketching - if you could include it that be great.
Many thanks for your time.
Barry Keane

Brand New Productions
7 Lower Fitzwilliam St
Dublin 2

+353 87 2540030