Tuesday 23 February 2010


Heuston Station is the point of arrival or departure for rail routes west or south of Ireland's capital. I did a couple of quick sketches around the concourse and beside the platforms. Unfortunately ink was running low in my brushpen by the second sketch in the station and the only replacement I could find was calligraphic ink (I usually use watered-down liquid acrylic ). The result is a watery dense blackness with little or no subtlety. I'll have to clean out the brush and get back to the original mix.


オテモヤン said...
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travelingsuep said...

I just saw your post on Madrid on UsK - I love the watercolour, so atmospheric. Fabulous. - so I came to have a look at your other work.

I like all your pen & ink work, so shall add you to bloglines to make sure I see all your updates.