Monday 23 April 2012

T stands for Trouble

I've been intending to illustrate a comic for some time. I guess I've always used the excuse that I couldn't find a writer that produced work I found engaging. Having attended the Anglouleme comics festival this winter and met up with some independent artists and publishers, I've decided that I just have to knuckle down and write and illustrate something myself.
Two chapters into a story set in Berlin in the fifties, I was getting impatient to start, so instead I decided to illustrate a song I wrote some time ago. It's a noir tale about a guy who picks the wrong girl to chat up, called "T stands for Trouble".

First time out, I'm probably approaching the thing all wrong, but it's coming together bit by bit.

Here's a couple of the first page layouts. Type is just loosely dumped in for the moment. The story ends with a busker on a San Francisco pier, ultimately it seems it should start with him too, so the middle one seems to work best.
I'll post more as it develops.

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Sue Pownall said...

Interesting project.