Saturday 15 January 2011


Some sketches from Dublin before and after the snowstorms that took up most of December and left the east coast ground to a halt.

George's street and Exchequer street intersection with the ornate George's street arcade in the background. This leads towards Grafton street, the main shopping street on the city's southside

A foggy morning down on the north quays. The whole area is slowly being redeveloped in that generic "waterfront" style - a few statement buildings, acres of office blocks that wouldn't look out of place in a retail park and some carefully restored remnants of the past - but no soot or rust please! On mornings like this when the whole shebang is shrouded in fog and you can taste the seasalt on your face, it somehow seems more visceral and real.

Dame street, just across from Dublin castle with City Hall in the background.


patmosphere said...

I do like your lovely fluid effect - a nice change. Are you using a separate grey brushpen alongside the black by any chance?

Trade Your Talent said...

awesome sketches!

Roger O'Reilly said...

patmosphere: Sorry for the delay in replying.
Yes I generally use two brushpens. One with a light grey and one with a blacker mix. Otherwise I find a gentle squeeze on the pen tends to bring up the darker ink lingering at the bottom of the well.

Sketchperiments said...

i agree with one comment here. the fluidity in your strokes is remarkable. what's your tip in capturing people who move around? is it about working from memory or more of interpretation or a combo of both?