Tuesday 18 January 2011


Two recent sketches of Dublin.

This is the impressive new Grand Canal Theatre designed by Daniel Libeskind and sketched on a blustery sunny afternoon when the place was almost deserted. It's a wonderful space with the water of the docks off to right, an eclectic mix of building styles and no sense of that identikit dockland's vernacular you seem to find in areas like this the world over.

After a rain shower and the watery sun washes over some interesting apartments beside the distillery buildings in the Smithfield part of town.


Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

These are both great sketches. I love the touches of red in the top one.

paulthea said...

I adore your work - do you have any originals for sale?

Joyfully Yours
Thea x x x

Roger O'Reilly said...

paulthea: No, unfortunately they're not for sale. They're crammed into various sketchbooks and generally backed by another sketch on the previous or following page. Thanks for your comment tho'.

Sketchperiments said...

2nd post i've viewed here. it's interesting to see you with finer details and finer lines. the smithfield sketch is almost like your interpretation of gotham. amazing.